Educational visits

The intention is to arrange at least eight educational visits during the year. We add to this number if a relevant event or exhibition occurs.

These visits aim to broaden understanding. They bring to live subjects taught in the classroom, thus creating a wider context for the furniture maker and designer.

The following visits have been provisionally arranged for the coming year.

Hamish Low

Furniture Maker and Bog Oak Timber Merchant

Wood Fair

Local fair that promote the use of wood and allied trades.


Black oak table

Andrew Lapthorne

Hutchfield Furniture

Seton historical Tool Chest


Barnsley Workshop

English Woodland Hardwood



Axminster Tools

Crispin Veneers

London Museums


Design Museum

Lord Leighton House


William Morris House

Exhibitions TBC


International Machine Woodworking and Wood Trade Fair

NEC Birmingham

Workshop Renting Spaces

Hones Workshop

Clunie Fretton Workshop